A summary of links to the New Front Desk Staff Training articles


Links to some of the Articles you may need to start off your new front desk staff training


Staff Setup

  1. How to set up the new staff member in D4Web Add a New Staff Member

  2. Related Topics may include: 

    1. D4W Mobile: Add new Staff for D4W Mobile

    2. Create Staff Role Positions


  1. Appointment Book

    1. Change Appointment Book View
    2. Scheduling appointments:
      1. Schedule an Appointment (Existing Patient)
      2. Schedule an Appointment for a family (Existing Patients)
      3. Schedule an Appointment (New Patient - Family Head)
      4. Schedule an Appointment (New Patient - Family Member)
      5. Schedule an Appointment with Treatment Plan Visits
      6. Schedule an Appointment over a Preset (Pre-Booked) Slot
    3. Move an Appointment to another book
    4. Mark an Appointment as Arrived, Checked In or Out
    5. How to send Manual Appointment Reminders and/or Notifications
      1. Send batch Appointment Reminders and/or Notifications
      2. Send single Appointment Reminders and/or Notifications
    6. Add Patient to Standby List
    7. Using the Cancellation List
    8. Add a Nonstandard Slot
    9. Insert individual breaks into Appointment book
    10. Print Appointments to a Label/Card
  2. eAppointments

    1. Manage eAppointment Appointment Conflicts
    2. Manage eAppointment Patient Conflicts
  3. Patient Details

    1. Find a Patient
    2. Add a New Family Head from the Patients page
    3. Add a New Family Member from the Patients page
    4. Show Next Appointments
    5. Setup Patient File for Insurance Claim
    6. Setup Patient File for CDBS
    7. Add and Update Medical History
    8. Add Alert to Patient File
    9. Capitalise Patient Names
    10. Scanning to Documents
    11. Create Letter for a Patient
    12. Additional Patient Details Articles
  4. eForms

    1. Generate Access Code for eForms Guest User
    2. Managing eForm Patient Conflicts
    3. View Completed Patient eForms
  5. Insurance Claims and Payments

    1. HICAPS:
      1. HICAPS Quote
      2. HICAPS: Process Single Patient Claim 
      3. HICAPS: Process Family Claim
    2. TYRO:
      1. TYRO: Rebate Estimate 
      2. TYRO: Process an Insurance Claim
    3. Child Dental Benefit Scheme - Claim via Bulk Bill
    4. Create a Deposit for a Patient
    5. Allocate a Deposit to an Invoice 
    6. Discount During Invoice Creation
  6. National Dental Care (NDP)

    1. National Dental Plan – Initial Setup
  7. PatientCare

    1. PatientCare User Experience Presentation
    2. Resolving an alert
    3. Chatting to a Patient
    4. Adding an internal note on a patient profile
    5. Unsubscribe patients from Future communications
    6. Download appointment summary
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