A summary of links to the New Clinical Staff Training articles


A Kick Start for New Staff Training. Links to all the Articles you need to start off your new clinical Staff training


Staff Setup

  1. How to set up the new staff member in D4Web Add a New Staff Member

  2. Related Topics may include:  D4W Mobile: Add new Staff for D4W MobileCreate Staff Role Positions

D4Web Training

  1. Charting Articles:

    1. Tooth Surface Explanation: Tooth Surface Explanation
    2. Chart Procedures: How to Chart Procedures

    3. Update Charting: Update / Create New Charting

    4. Mixed Dentition: Mixed Dentition: Mixed to Adult Chart

    5. Charting CBDS: Charting CDBS Procedures

  2. Treatment Plan Articles:

    1. Allocating Treatment Plan Visit: Allocating Treatment Plan Visits

    2. Preview Treatment Plan: Preview Treatment Plan

    3. Hicaps Quote: HICAPS Quote

  3. Clinical Record Articles:

    1. Setup Fast Notes: Setup Fast Notes

    2. Write Fast Notes: Writing Fast Notes

    3. Preview all Clinical Notes: Preview all Clinical Notes

    4. Create and Print Prescriptions: Create and Print a Prescription for a Patient

    5. View previous Prescriptions for a Patient: View Previous Prescriptions for a Patient

MediaSuite Online Training

  1. Launching Mediasuite Online from D4Web: MediaSuite Online: Launch from D4Web

  2. View MediaSuite Online page for related articles

MediaWeb PACS Training (coming soon Q4 2024)

  1. Launching MediaWeb PACS from D4Web: MediaWeb PACS: Launch from D4Web

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