PatientCare: Viewing your patients' feedback responses


It is useful to know what your patients are saying about your clinic. We make this easy with data exports, and a live dashboard.

If your practice is sending feedback surveys to your patients through PatientCare, there are 2 ways to easily see all the feedback responses generated through these surveys.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Analytics

    1. Scroll down to Patient Feedback common themes
    2. Keep scrolling down to find a list of all patient feedback with the relevant details - Patient name, feedback score, practitioner, centre, the date of submission, and finally the associated feedback comment
    3. From here, you can also press the Export Comments button to generate an excel sheet with all of the responses
  2. In the Analytics tab, if you navigate to the Reports section:

    1. You are able to generate a report containing all of the feedback responses submitted by your patients
      **Note: you are only able to export up to 90 days worth of responses. Please keep this in mind when selecting the Date Range

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