PatientCare: Resolving an alert


When a patient responds to a health check-in, some responses will trigger an Alert - you will see any issues that a patient may be having.

Managing the Alerts is important because it allows you to see any issues that a patient may be having.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Alerts

  2. In the Unresolved Alerts section:

    1. This is where all Alerts that have not been resolved will be displayed.

    2. The colors indicate the priority of the Alert (where Red = High, Orange = Medium, Yellow = Low, and Green = indicates something Positive)

  3. Click on one of the Alerts that you would like to resolve:

    1. You’ll notice on the right hand side, there will be more information about this Alert

    2. You can also click ‘See More’ on the patient’s response to view additional detail about how this patient answered their check-in

  4. To resolve the Alert:

    1. Click Resolve button. A drop down will appear with two options:

      1. Acknowledged’ – this indicates that you have seen the Alert and, and that you’ve acknowledged why the Alert was created

      2. Contacted’ – this indicates that you have contacted the patient regarding the Alert (i.e. by telephone, email, etc)

    2. Alternatively, if you use the ‘Chat’ function to send the patient a message, this will automatically resolve the most recent Alert for that patient. See Chatting to a patient for instructions
  5. Once an Alert is resolved, it will move to the ‘Recently Resolved’ section of the page

    1. You can reopen an Alert by:
      1. Clicking on the Alert in the ‘Recently Resolved’ section
      2. Click the refresh icon in the patient’s response on the right side of the screen
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