PatientCare: Adding an internal note on a patient profile


Leaving a note on a patient’s health check-in response can be useful for your practice to document important information.

For example: You could leave a note saying that the patient was contacted via phone call and what the result of that call was, or you could leave a note with information about the patient’s prescription.

  1. Click the navigation menu > find a patient’s response via the Alerts page or Patients page

    1. In the right hand side of the screen, in the top right of the patient’s response:

      1. Click the  icon

      2. Add your Internal notes in the pop-up window

    2. When you’ve finished writing your note in the text box: 
      1. Click Post to save this note
    3. You are able to review previous notes by:
      1. Clicking on that same icon, which will now have a number indicating how many notes have been left on that particular patient response

        Notes are only visible to members of your staff with PatientCare access.
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