Create & Set Automatic eForm Status in Appointments


Create a new status (or assign an existing status) to be automatically added to a patient's next appointment once an eForm for this patient has been processed.

Create eForm Appointment Status

  1. Click the navigation menu > Appointments

  2. Click the hamburger menu > Setup Status Types

    1. Click NEW to create a status for eForm

    2. Type in description

    3. Right click in Type column to select a letter (ie: E) for this status

    4. Select colour from the Back color and Text color drop lists

    5. Select Yes or No to keep the status in Retained in Standby List if patient is moved to Standby List

    6. Click OK

Set eForms appointment Status

  1. Open the hamburger menu > Set Appointment Status Types

    1. Select the eForm Received Status that was created above from the drop list
    2. Click OK

Now the eForm status will be automatically added to the patient's next appointment.

If the patient has more than one future appointment, the status will only be added to the first upcoming appointment.

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