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The D4W Marketing system is designed to optimise your patient communication to improve loyalty and keep your patients coming back to your practice. It saves you time through automation, saves you money on expensive design agency costs, and can also increase your revenue and grow your business by enabling you to efficiently market to your existing patient base.  


D4W Marketing from D4Web: FAQ's

D4W Marketing from D4Web: Getting Started

D4W Marketing from D4Web: Patient Unsubscribe


D4W Marketing from D4Web: Automated Sending Explained

Set D4W Marketing from D4Web Automated Recall Templates


D4W Marketing from D4Web: Send New Patient Welcome Pack

D4W Marketing from D4Web: Send a Post-Visit Survey E-mail


More articles coming: The following articles will be published very soon

Send Holiday/Christmas Greetings to Patients via D4Web Marketing

D4Web Marketing: Set Marketing Campaign Templates

D4W Marketing: Send Marketing Campaign




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