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How does D4W Marketing work?

D4W Marketing is a patient communication tool integrated with D4Web. An extensive range of pre-made templates are available to be sent via email or printed material. SMS sent via D4Web is setup and included in your overall patient communication strategy. Communication can be sent manually, or one-off, from your own personalised and customisable online D4W Marketing portal, or automatically directly from D4Web.  

The templates cater to both repetitive communication such as recalls, reactivations, welcomes, post-visits, birthday wishes, to seasonal campaigns including, but not limited to, mouthguard and whitening promotions.  

What makes D4W Marketing different to sending letters from D4Web?

The difference between sending printed mail from D4Web is that you will not need to print and post the letters yourself. D4W Marketing provides that service to you. Once you place the order, your letters will be printed, packaged and posted for you.

Is there an option to ‘set and forget’?

Yes. D4Web has a powerful automation tool, allowing you to set and forget repetitive communication. D4Web Marketing templates can be linked to automation. 

Can I retain control over my patient communication?

Yes. In addition to automation, you can also manually send campaigns, and build free-text templates for one-off communication within the D4W Marketing portal. You can customise the campaigns before sending to include a special promotion running at your practice or change the stock image and colours.  

Can I add my own image to my template?

No. There is no ability to add your own image, however, there is a wide selection of hi-resolution stock images to choose from. You can however have a template created for your exclusive use at an additional cost.

Are the printed materials sealed for patient privacy?

Yes. All printed pieces that unfold will either be sealed in an envelope or secured with an adhesive dot.

Can patients reply to the emails I send through D4W Marketing?

Yes. Emails sent through D4W Marketing are sent from the email address you nominate, so all replies will be sent back to this same email address.

How long will it take for my patients to receive my letter/postcard?

After checkout, we will promptly process payment and printing within 2-3 business days. Your order will then adopt Australia Post standard postage times of 5-7 business days.

I have just opened my practice. Can I still use D4W Marketing if I do not have a database of patients?

Yes. D4W Marketing also provides New Patient brochures, Appointment Cards, Magnets and a digital downloads gallery for content to post on your social media pages and marketing your new practice to patients in your area.

I currently do not send out any promotional marketing, where do I start? 

As a user of D4W Marketing, you will have 24/7 access to up to date training videos and ongoing consultation webinars to inspire your next communication piece. 

You can also follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to download useful guides and receive regular tips.

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