What is Patient Discovery?


These days, patients expect to be able to search for and book, appointments online with ease.

With Patient Discovery, we’ve brought together eight leading dental directories to bring your practice a potential audience of over 18 million patients per month. Designed to bring these new patients directly to your practice, our program focuses on filling up the white space in your Dental4Web Appointment Book, helping you find new patients 24/7.

A prerequisite for Patient Discovery is to have eAppointments already setup. 

Patient Discovery is partnered with:

  • HotDoc

  • MyHealth1st

  • National Dental Plan

  • Humm

  • Doctors.com.au

  • Your Dentist

  • HealthShare

There is no set up fee and a low one-off fee for confirmed new patients.

You can also choose which of our specific participating partner directories you wish to be listed on.  

Before you sign up to Patient Discovery, let your Practice Solutions specialist know which directories you’d like to be featured on and we’ll set it up accordingly.

If you already have a featured listing on any partner directory, simply let us know and we will let that partner know that you are now moving over to Patient Discovery.

For more information or to join please contact us. 


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