Patient Discovery FAQs


Can I choose which directories I want to be listed on?

Yes. You can request to only be listed on specific participating partner directories. Before you sign up to Patient Discovery, let your Practice Solutions specialist know which directories you’d like to be featured on and we’ll set it up accordingly. 

How will I know from which directories Patient Discovery appointments are coming from?

Simply use the D4W Connected report in your eServices portal. Each appointment and its source are recorded and displayed in this report. Use status and date filters to manage the results.

How do I measure the success of Patient Discovery?

Live reporting is available anytime in your eServices portal under Analytical Dashboards. Here you can see all appointments for Patient Discovery – new or existing – and which partner website they’ve come from. Filters available include Location, Appointment Date/Time, Appointment Source, Status and Created Date/Time. Results are available on screen or exportable as PDF or CSV files. 

What happens if a new patient doesn’t attend their Patient Discovery appointment?

If a new patient books an appointment at your practice via one of our directory partners, and that patient fails to attend the appointment at your practice, you will not be charged.

What if I get charged for a Patient Discovery appointment who is not a new patient?

When a patient books in, our eServices integration will automatically search your patient database based on three patient fields – Name (first name and last name), Mobile Number and Date of Birth.  If you believe you were incorrectly charged for a new patient, simply email within 14 days of receiving the invoice and we will remove the charge.

How often will I be charged for Patient Discovery appointments?

You will be invoiced at the end of each month for any new patient acquired via a Patient Discovery partner website during the previous month. If no new patients were acquired, you will not be sent an invoice.

Will I be charged for a new patient via Patient Discovery if they are referred to my practice?

If a patient is referred to your practice from another source (another provider, an existing patient, marketing/advertising etc.) and that patient chooses to book their appointment online via a partner directory website, you will be charged the new patient acquisition fee if that patient is new to your practice.

Can I cancel my agreement Patient Discovery anytime?

Yes. You may cancel your agreement to participate in Patient Discovery at any time. Cancellation will be effective within 5 business days of you confirming this request in writing to


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