Find a time slot


Use the Time Slot search function when looking for the next vacant appointment slot or a pre-booked slot or even a break type or eAppointment slot.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Appointments
  2. Expand the Sidebar > Time Slots sub-tab:
    1. Search from date: The default date will be the date you are in and then select the search period
      Days Ahead: Select the number of days to search ahead
    2. Duration: The duration of the slot
      Start at/ End at: Enter a start time and end time
    3. Including days: Tick box for days you want included in the search (days that are not open can be ignored)
    4. Slot type: Select breaks, pre-booked, class types, vacant appointment slot from the drop list
    5. Appointment Books: Tick box to include the appointment book in the search
    6. Click FIND
    7. Found Slots: A List of all the available slots
      1. Go to: Click to go directly to that slot
      2. Appointment book: The appointment book name
      3. Day: The day of the week
      4. Date: The date of the slot
      5. Start: The start time of the available slot
      6. Dur: The duration of the slot (is equal or less than the Duration selected above)mceclip0.png
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