Set Display Options in 2D Charting


Set Display Options are be available from the General Settings, Charting & 3D Charting pages

This Article covers the Charting options.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Charting page

    1. Charting toolbar > Set Display Options

From the Charting screen



Example Image (if required)

 Show CPITN Score 

 The CPITN score will be shown in the middle of the screen.


 Show Document

 The Documents Module will be shown to the right of the chart.

 Show MediaWeb PACS

 The MediaWeb PACS Module will be shown to the right of the chart

 Show Active Chart
 by Default

 When go to Charting, the Active Chart will be shown by default.


 Show Quadrant

 Allows users to see guide lines for the quadrants on the chart


 Not Ticked

 Show Treatment
 Plan/Treatment tab 

 Option to show None, Treatment Plan or Treatment on the screen


 Notes font size

 Option to increase or decrease text size of notes from 8pt to 16pt


 Notes text colour

 Changes the colour of the notes text


 Tooth number colour 

 Changes the colour of all tooth numbers.







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