Charting Layers


The ability exists to indicate that on a particular tooth there are layers of treatment work.

For instance, beneath a crown there may be a MOD amalgam. You may add, delete and view different layers.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients Charting page

  2. For the first layer, proceed as per standard Procedure  i.e.: pin

    1. Right click on the tooth and select New Layer
      Then D4W places an empty layer that you may chart on.
    2. Add the next procedure required. i.e.: Composite
      Above the selected tooth indicates which layer you are currently on
  3. Right click on selected tooth to view another layer

    1. Select Upper layer or Lower layer

  4. Right click on selected tooth to delete a layer

    1. Select Delete layer 

    2. Check details 

    3. Click YES

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Bind and unbind

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