Update Fees


It is not recommended that you overwrite old fees, instead create a new period and add the new fees under that period. 

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management Fees page

  2. Select the Fee level 

    1. Add a New Fee Period

  3. There are two ways fees can be updated:

    1. Manual Update:

      1. Type over the existing fees in the new period

    2. Percentage Update:
      1. Click UPDATE THE FEES
      2. Select Increase fees or Decrease fees: Enter the % amount to increase or decrease by
      3. Fee range to update: Tick Update all fees or type in the From $ to $ fields.
      4. Round fees to the nearest: select to apply rounding
      5. Tick Inactive if this fee level is no longer in use
        1. Select which level to move any patients that are in this level
      6. Click OK
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