Mediasuite Online: Customize Toolbar


The toolbar within Mediasuite (on the right hand side of the screen) can be customised to include or hide specific toolbar shortcuts.

  1. Go to View menu > Customize Toolbar

  2. In the 'Toolbar Customization' window:

    1. The left-hand side of the screen displays the tools available and the right-hand side displays the toolbar.

    2. A tool can be added to the right-hand side toolbar either by double-clicking on the tool or using drag and drop.

    3. To delete a tool from the bar, right-click on the tool and select Delete button
    4. A tool can also be removed from the right-hand side toolbar by using drag and drop to anywhere on the left hand side. The mouse pointer will appear as. The tool will now be removed from the right hand side toolbar
    5. Tick Small Buttons to set smaller icons.
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