Set Security on Modules/Features/Actions


Recommended security settings are set when D4Web is initially setup

When new features are released, if the feature is deemed a secure area, security will be placed on it and the Practice will then decide to keep or remove it. 

The following instructions cover how to lock an area or action within D4Web

  1. Click the navigation menu > Location Setup > Security page

  2. Record toolbar > Security Status

    1. Click Legend for information on security options

    2. Place security, per the Legend against relevant tabs / actions / features

    3. Click OK

The below example shows that users must enter a username and password to enter the Providers tab. Furthermore, if the user is granted access to the Providers tab, he/she can only Modify Provider Surname/Firstname/Code if permitted also


Set Security Permissions - who can / cannot access or complete an action

Add / Modify Security Groups




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