View and Manage Scheduled eAppointments


When an eAppointment is successfully scheduled, it will automatically appear in the D4Web Appointment Book, however there is an added layer of checks allowing the practice to view all eAppointments and ensure they've scheduled correctly. 

Common practice is for the eServices Management Console list to be checked when the eAppointments icon appears in the Appointment Book toolbar (only available when eAppointments exist)

The user can check the patient and appointment details, ensuring the booking is suitable to their needs, and see who requested a phone call to confirm the booking. 

  1. In the Appointment Book Toolbar

    1. Click eAppointments or

    2. Click the hamburger menu > View eAppointments

  2. Select the eAppointments sub-tab in the 'eServices Management Console' window

    1. Card #: The card number is generated automatically from D4Web

    2. Patient: Patient’s name

    3. Phone: The number listed in the Phone field within D4Web

    4. Mobile: The number listed in the Mobile field within D4Web

    5. Book: Shows which book the patient made the appointment in

    6. Date/Time: Shows the date and time of the appointment

    7. Recall: Indicates with a tick if it’s a recall appointment

    8. SMS: Shows if an SMS was sent for the patient’s appointment confirmation

    9. Phone: Shows if the patient would like their appointment confirmation via a phone call. When the confirmation is made, the practice can tick the Confirmed box

    10. Sync Time: Displays the time that the appointment was created in D4Web

    11. Notes: Shows any notes written by the patient when the appointment was created

    12. Show records where only Phone Confirmation is required: Tick to see only appointments that require a phone call

    13. PRINT LIST: A report of all bookings for the period selected that came from eAppointments

    14. CLEAR LIST: When selected, the system will clear the list of all bookings that came from online

    15. PROCESSED: Select to mark the bookings in purple to indicate the surgery has contacted the patient

    16. Click EXIT after all records have been processed

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