View Completed Patient eForms


When an eForm is assigned to a patient, forms can be accessed from their file via the Patients page and Documents page. 

View from Patients page

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Patients page
  2. View toolbar > View Patient Form Data
    1.  Status

      1. All: Lists all forms for all statuses

      2. Assigned: Lists forms that have been assigned to this patient but not processed

      3. Processed: Lists forms that have been processed (updated patient file)

    2. Open in a New Window: Tick to see multiple forms side by side

    3. View Form

      1. Assigned

        1. Print Form: Select to print the form in view

        2. Un-assign Form: Select to undo the assignment of the form to a patient

        3. Signature: Allows the patient to sign the form 

        4. Process Form: The form will update the patients file

      2. Processed

        1. Print Form: Select to print the form in view


View from Documents page

When an eForm has been processed through D4Web, a PDF copy of the form will be created and stored in the Documents page for the patient.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Documents page

  2. Double click the eForm to view

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