Understanding the Security page


With many options within the Security page, it is best to understand each before setting or changing security permissions. 

  1. There are two ways to set user permissions: 

    1. Group: Use this to apply the same settings to all users linked to the group, e.g. Dentists

    2. Users: Use this to apply individual settings to users

  2. Access is broken down by Modes/Actions, Functions and Reports:

    1. Modes/Actions: Found listed on the right. These are all the modules/tabs within D4Web

    2. Modes Functions: When a Mode/Action is selected, if applicable, functions within that area will show

    3. Modes Reports: When Reports is selected, all reports will showmceclip1.png

  3. There are three Security States to set against a Mode/Action/Function/Report:

    1. No Tick: Password required, users within this group cannot access/complete

    2. Tick: Password required, users within this group can access/complete

    3. Box: No Security set, all users can access/complete without entering a username and passwordmceclip2.png



Set Security Permissions - who can / cannot access or complete an action

Set Security on Modules/Tabs/Actions

Set or Change a Password

Add / Modify Security Groups

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