TYRO: Process an Insurance Claim


Prior to attempting a claim, ensure the patients' file is setup for insurance claims.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Treatment page

  2. Enter items (or they may already be entered)

  3. Itemised Invoices toolbar > New Invoice Only (or New Invoice icon or F2 key)

    1. Click HEALTHPOINT

  4. Select the item(s) to include in the claim

    1. Click OK
  5. Follow the prompts onscreen, e.g. Swipe health fund card

  6. HealthPoint Claim will commence process

  7. Once the claim has been processed, the option to Accept or Reject is availablemceclip4.png

    1. ACCEPT: The claim will be finalised and a receipt will be printed for the patient to sign
    2. REJECT: A rejection claim will not be finalised
  8. In the Create Itemised Invoices window, select from the following: 

    1. Enter a Discount 
    2. Receive Payment
    3. SAVE without applying a payment
    4. PRINT for printout or to to view and/ or send E-mail 
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