Treatment Plan Completion Report


When a Treatment Plan has been marked as Completed, it will appear on this report. 

  1. Click the navigation menu > Location Management > Reports page

  2. Select the Treatment Plan Completed Report

    1. Financial Year: Select to base on a Financial Year, and enter the year or
    2. Calendar Year: Select to base on a Calendar Year, and enter the year
    3. From: use the up/ down arrows to select year to commence
    4. Location: Select the location or <Any Location> if applicable
    5. Breakdown by Provider: Tick to break the report by Provider, when multiple are selected
    6. Providers: Select the Provider(s) to base the report on
    7. Show Inactive Providers as well: Tick to include inactive Providers
    8. Click OK

Report Details


Completion Rate

 The percentage of treatment plans Accepted in that month that were also completed that month.

 Total Plans Accepted

 The total number of treatment plans accepted in that month.


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