Treatment Done Report


The Treatment Done report allows users to gather information per patient or per family, if the family is linked in D4Web.

The report is available from four pages:

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients

    1. Treatment Plan page > TreatPlan toolbar > Treatment Reports > Treatment Done Report


    2. Treatment page > Treatment toolbar > Treatment Done Report

Run the Report 

  1. Access the report from one of the pages listed above

    1. Date: Select the date range to base this report on

    2. Header of: Select the provider. (only available where provider letterhead is used & multiple providers have completed treatment done)

    3. Patients: Select the Patient(s) to base this report on

    4. Include Non-Reporting Items: Tick to include items that are marked as Non-Reporting

    5. Include Non-Treatment Items: Tick to include items that are marked as Non-Treatment

    6. Click OK to view the report



Report Details


 The date of the recorded/completed treatment

 Patient Details 

 The name of the Patient


 The Provider that completed the treatment


 The Item, Item Description, Tooth Surface and Tooth ID
 (where applicable) 



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