Using the Cancellation List


The cancellation list is a log of all FTA/UTA appointments for a selected period. It is recommended the list is used as a follow up list for patients who did not reschedule. 

View Cancellation List

  1. Click the navigation menu > Appointments > Sidebar Options > Cancellation Listmceclip1.png

Filter Cancellation List

  1. Date: Select the period to view cancelled appointments

  2. Book: Select <All> or an individual appointment book

  3. Provider: Select <All> or an individual provider 

  4. Class: Select <All> or an individual appointment class

  5. Show only patients that have cancelled (UTA) more than # times

  6. Show only patients that failed to attend (FTA) more than # times

  7. Show Copied/Restored records: Includes those moved back to original appointment time (error) or copied to a new time slot (reschedule)

Add Notes to Cancellations

New as of build 22.614. DB5203, each record listed on the cancellation list can have notes added for record-keeping and tracking purposes. Many use the cancellation list to follow up patients who did not reschedule, therefore adding notes to the record is a great way to keep on top of the list

  1. Double click within the notes field

  2. Type your notes within the notes window

  3. Click OK

  4. When the cancellation list is printed, the notes will show

Go to Patients' File from Cancellation List 

The cancellation list can be open whilst moving throughout a patients' file, this is helpful when calling patients who did not reschedule. 

  1. Right click on the patient in the list

  2. Select area of PATIENTS to move to

Schedule Appointment from Cancellation List

  1. In the background, select a vacant appointment slot

  2. Highlight the patient in the list

  3. Click Copy

  4. Click Yes to remove original appointment statuses or No to keep them


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