Generate Access Code for eForms Guest user


The following is only possible after Guest User eForms has been setup by Centaur. 

Start of Day

  1. Open eForms on the tablet to be used

  2. Login using the Guest User eForm login determined during setup

Patient Use

For Guest User eForms to work, each patient must have their Firstname, Surname, DOB and Mobile entered.

Data from the patients' file will be displayed on the eForm where relevant, e.g. Fields from Patients tab that are part of the eForm. This allows the patient to check their details, and update where needed.

R: Receptionist/Practice Staff

P: Patient

  1. R: Right click on patients' appointment > Generate eForm Access Code

  2. R: Note down the code displayed onscreen to provide patient shortly


  3. P: Agree to Terms and Conditions

  4. P: Enter the code generated from D4Web, supplied by Receptionist

  5. P: Click Fill out to Select the relevant eForm


  6. P: Complete the eForm and Submit

  7. R: Click Next Patient in eForms

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