Table Notes: Surgical Clinical Notes Tables/Grids


Per the Clinical Tables and Grids article, the below explains the fields associated with the RCT, RCT-tooth and RCT-canal tables and grids. 


  1. Date: Date of the exam

  2. Facial Symmetry: Symmetry of the face

  3. Cranial Nerve Assess: Assessment of the cranial nerves

  4. Swelling: Swelling present

  5. Lymph Node Assess: Assessment of the lymph nodes

  6. TMJ Assess: Temporo-mandibular joint assessment

  7. Others: Other assessments

  8. Differential Diagnosis: Possible diagnosis


  1. Date: Date of the exam

  2. Lips: Assessment of the lips

  3. Gingival: Assessment of the gingival

  4. Mucous Membrane: Assessment of the mucous membrane

  5. Hard Palate: Assessment of the hard palate

  6. Soft Palate: Assessment of the soft palate

  7. Tongue: Assessment of the tongue

  8. Tonsils: Assessment of the tonsils

  9. Floor of Mouth: Assessment of the floor of the mouth

  10. Hard Tissues: Assessment of the hard tissues

  11. Others: Other assessments

  12. Differential Diagnosis: Possible diagnosis

For details on other tables, click on the relevant link below. 

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