Standby List Column Explanation

  1. Click the navigation menu > Appointments 

  2. Click on Options sidebar > Standby List sub-tab

    1. Added Date: The date the patient was placed on the list

    2. Patient Details: Name, DOB and Card Number

    3. Prior.: Appointment priority, at the discretion of the practice

    4. Location: Only visible to multi-location users; the location to schedule the patient in

    5. Book: The appointment book to schedule the patient in

  3. Use the Scroll to view more optionsmceclip2.png

    1. Dur.: The required duration of the appointment
    2. Notes: Additional information about the booking

    3. Preferred Date: The preferred date of the patient

    4. Preferred Time: The preferred time of the patient
    5. Contacts: The patients contact numbers

    6. Class: The appointment class

  4. Use the Scroll to view more optionsmceclip3.png

    1. Next Appointment: The next appointment for this patient (if any)

    2. For Provider: The Provider to schedule the appointment for

    3. Appointed By: The employee who placed the patient on the Standby List


Add Patient to Standby List

Setup Standby List Columns

Schedule Appointment from Standby List

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