Total Receipts


The Total Receipts Report generates a list of all payments that have been entered within a selected date range.

The report is commonly used for end of day reconciliation and can be run from both the Reports and Bank Slips pages.

Run the Report

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > Reports page


  2. Click the navigation menu > Management > Bank Slips page

    1. Total Receipts report 

    2. In the reports parameters window: 

      1. Location: Select the location or <All> to base this report on, if applicable

      2. Date: Select the period to base this report on

      3. Show totals only: Tick to view total amount only - patient details will not be shown in the report

      4. More: Click to show all payment methods accepted by the practice. You may then select payment method(s) to be included in the report

Report Details

Full Details View

Total Only View


 Payment method used within the report period 


 Total receipts amount paid via each payment method 


 Refund given via the payment method 


 Bounced payment attached to the payment method 


 Total receipts amount after refunds and bounced payments 

 Overall Total 

  Total amount from all payment methods 



Accounting: Invoices and Receipts Over a Period Report

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