Temporarily Stop Automation Queries from Sending SMS and E-mail Messages


To stop Automation Queries (e.g. Patient Reactivation) from sending SMS and E-mail messages, the batch would need to be disabled.

  • This will prevent batches from running and sending any SMS or E-mails

  • The batches can be enabled again at a later date

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > Automation page

  2. Open the Queries tab

  3. Select the required Queries Type

  4. Go to Reminders sub-tab

    1. Change the Template Order for all reminders (except Phone Call Template) to (---)

    2. Change the Template Order for Phone Call to 1

    3. Repeat the process for each Queries Type

When the SMS and E-mail messages are ready to be sent again, the batches can be enabled.

A Manual Query can be created to capture patients missed while the batch is disabled.

Generate a Batch using Simple Query Wizard

Generate a Batch using Extended Query Filter


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