Status Report (Non-Financial)


This report shows how many times Appointment Statuses have been used on appointments for over period of time. It can be used to show multiple statuses added into the patient appointment, in one report. For example, all appointments that Confirmed, and also have lab work. 

Report Requirements

Use Status Types against appointments where relevant. 

This is done during the creation of a new appointment or you can modify existing appointments. Not all Status Types will be used at the initial creation of an appointment.


  • The Status C: Confirmed will not be used until the appointment is confirmed.

  • The status L: Lab work needed, may be used and report printed so all lab work due can be checked for arrival or completion in time for patient appointment.   

Run the Report

  1. Click the navigation menu > Appointments

  2. Right click in any slot > Print > Status Report (Non- Financial)

    1. Date: Select the period to base this report on
    2. Location: Select the location or <Any Location > from the drop list if applicable

    3. Status: Highlight multiple Statuses to base this report on

    4. Show patients with only one of the selected: Choose to only base the report on one of the selected statuses
    5. Appointment Books: Select the appointment book/s to include in the report

    6. Show Inactive Books: Tick to include books previously made inactive

    7. Click OK

  3. Three ways of running the report:
    There are three ways the report can be run, dependent on the parameters selected. 

    1. Report on patients with all selected statuses against their appointment.
      E.g. Patient has both Confirmed and Lab work needed statuses.mceclip2.png

    2. Report on appointments with only one of the selected statuses.
      E.g. Confirmed and Lab wok needed are highlighted, but patients with either will show.
    3. Report on patients with no appointment status

Report Details


Name of the patient that matches the requested criteria of the report.


Date of Birth


Contact phone number


Date of appointment


Time of appointment


Duration of appointment


Click here for information on the other appointment report, Status Report. 


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