Inventory & Stock Control: Setup Stock Lists Controllers


The Stock Control module has the ability to hold multiple stock lists. Multiple stock lists should only be setup if there are multiple stock rooms to monitor. E.g. Dr 1 has his own stock room, Dr 2 has her own stock room – separate orders/inputs/outputs etc. are done for each stock room.

Unless multiple stock lists (multiple stock rooms) are required, only one person should have access to Stock Control. We recommend a new staff member ‘Stock Controller’ is added and that only this member has security access to stock control.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > Staff page

  2. Staff toolbar > New Record / or icon

    1. Surname: Controller

    2. Firstname: Stock

    3. Tick Responsible for Inventory 

  3. Set security on the Stock Control module and ensure only this staff member has access


Set or Change a Password

Set Security on Modules/features/Actions

Set Security Permissions - who can / cannot access or complete an action

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