Setup Standby List Columns


The columns found in the Standby List can be hidden and moved to a more appropriate section. For example, the Priority column may not be used, therefore it should be hidden to reduce confusion. 

  1. Click the navigation menu > Appointments > Sidebar Options > Standby List

  2. Click SETUP

    1. Select row and click SHOW or tick box to display the columns when viewing the list
    2. Select row and click HIDE or untick box to exclude the columns when viewing the list
    3. To move where a column displays, select it and click MOVE UP or MOVE DOWN
    4. Select if the changes to the list should apply to a printout of the list
    5. Select if notes should be shown onscreen or via a tooltip when hovering over the column
    6. Click OK
  3. Click EXIT to close Standby Listmceclip0.png


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