Setup Item Groups / Quick Lists


Items of treatment that are not chartable can be added as an Operation to the Charting, Perio, Treatment Plan and Treatment tabs. They are then selected as a group rather than individual items, making it a faster way to enter treatment.

For example: An exam, scale and clean, fluoride & x-rays as a group (011, 114, 121, 022, 037)

  1. Click the navigation menu > Location Setup > Operations page

  2. Click Add Category mceclip0.png

    1. Category: Enter the name of the category, e.g. Examination

    2. Charting / Treat Plan / Perio / Treat: Tick tabs to show this category

  3. Click Add Group mceclip1.png

    1. Group: Enter the name of the group, e.g. Exam

  4. Click Add Operation mceclip2.png

    1. Operation: Enter the name of the operation, e.g. Initial examination Adult

    2. Code: Type in a code for this operation

    3. ToolBar Icon: Select to show an icon in selected tabs for this group

    4. Type: Select the method of item entry in selected tabs

      1. Composition: All included items will auto-input to patients file when prompted

      2. Single Item: User selects one item from a list to enter in the patients file

  5. Click Add New 

    1. Select items to include in the group

    2. Click OK

  6. Times: Increase the number if selected item should be entered multiple times.

    1. To add the same item multiple times rather than increase the Times/Quantity, click Add New and select the same item again



Use Operations / Quick Lists in Patient File




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