Setup Automated Preset (Pre-Booked) Recall Reminders


Commonly, the next recall appointment is scheduled at the end of the current recall appointment, this is referred to as pre-booked recalls. 

To remind patients of a pre-booked recall, a reminder message is recommended between two to four weeks ahead of time to reduce the impact of cancellations when sending a confirmation one to two days prior. 


Setup Automated Reminder

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > Automation page > Appointments tab

  2. Select Pre-booked Appt Recall Reminder or if this does not exist...

    1. Click Set and enter the name Pre-Booked Appts - Recalls

    2. Highlight the new set, click Type and enter the name Pre-Booked Appts - Recalls

  3. Setup/Type sub-tab

    1. Location: Select the location or Any Location from the drop list if applicable

    2. Appointment Books: Select the books to apply this automation action to

    3. Include when: All selected Status are present (others can be present): Click on drop list and select the Pre-Booked Recall Appointment Status

    4. Exclude when: Click on drop list and select the Appointment Status 

    5. Update the Appointment with

      1. Tick to add the selected status (choose from drop list) to the appointment after reminder is sent

    6. Overwriting Status
      1. Tick to overwrite the Pre-Booked Recall Appointment Status with selected status (choose from list)
  4. Reminders sub-tab                                                                              

    Order the communication methods. Automation will attempt communication 1 first. If it fails or the patient does not have that communication method set on their file, it will try communication 2, and so on.

    1. Send Communication to Family Head: Tick to send the message to the family heads

    2. Number the reminders applicable to this message. Pre-Booked reminders are generally sent via SMS. Leave others blank if not wanting to send via those methods. 

    3. Click the Edit icon against the message types to setup the template

      1. Within the template, use the Add Field menu to add input fields

      2. To save, go to File menu > Save and Exit

  5. Schedule sub-tab

    In this example, the reminder will be sent every week for appointments two weeks ahead of time. 

    1. Set the Frequency: Weekly, tick each day the practice is open

    2. Set the Timing: Select the Start Date and the Run Time this will occur on each selected day

    3. Include Patients who have Appointments: Select Simple, The Day that is 2 Weeks in the Future

    4. Check Upcoming Run Date: Click to check the appointment and send dates are correct

    5. Notifications: (eChat coming to D4Web soon)

    6. Control the Schedule: Tick Enable when all settings are correct

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