Send SMS on Patient Arrival


The patient will receive an SMS when they are marked as Arrived in the Appointment Book. This is commonly used to communicate with the patient when using self-check-in services such as D4W Kiosk (coming to D4Web soon). 

This feature is only available to those set up with SMS capabilities. 

  1. Click the navigation menu > Location Setup > General page 

  2. Group: SMS Settings

    1. Send SMS on Patient Arrival = Yesmceclip0.png

  3. Click the navigation menu >  Debtors & Marketing > Mail Merge Setup page 

  4. Mail Merge Category: Appointments

  5. Highlight Patient Arrival 

    1. Select the edit icon to create the template 

  6. When writing the template, see the Add Field menu for input fields

    1. Go to File menu > Save >Exit 
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