Set Related Actions to Items - Convert Deciduous to Adult


Convert Deciduous tooth to Adult tooth

This is to be applied to all chartable item codes that will only ever be applied against an adult tooth.

For example, Dentures, they will only ever be charted for a patient against adult teeth but not deciduous. This will only work when using 3D Charting and there are some perquisites.

Charting must be completed from the 3D Charting page and the patient must be set to a ‘Mixed’ chart in order for the automatic process to work.

Possible from the Treatment Plan/Treatment tab but in order for this to work correctly:

  • The patient must have their date of birth entered.

  • Their age must fit between the ages of a mixed dentition.

  • The item must also have ‘Tooth ID is required’ checked on the individual item setup.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Location Setup > Items page

    1. Select the item e.g. 711

    2. Open Other Details tab

      1. Select Convert Deciduous tooth to Adult tooth from the Related Action drop list

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