eAppointments: Create and Add Appointment Reason for Providers


Setup eAppointment Appointment Reasons within the eServices portal for patients to select when scheduling. This helps filter the list of available appointments, and notify the practice of the main reason for the booking. 

Create an Appointment Reason

  1. Click the hamburger menu > e-Services > Practice Management

  2. Click eAppointments Management
  3. Click Providers Reasons List
    1. Surgery Name: Select the practice from the list

    2. Practitioner Name: Select the Provider from the list

    3. At Add reason from list

      1. Click Add
    4. Add appointment reason in the Reason Name field (a maximum of 20 reasons for each provider)
      Note: For Enterprise practices, place a tick at Link Reason to organisation if you want the reason to be shared with all your practices.

      1. Click Add 


Set Duration of Appointment Reason for each Provider

  1. Select the provider from the Practitioner Name list

  2. Select an Appointment Reason from Add reason from list

    1. Click the Plus icon
    2. In the 'Set duration of reason' window:
      1. Click mceclip5.png to reduce appointment preset slot default duration 
      2. Click mceclip6.pngto increase appointment preset slot default duration
      3. Click Save
  3. Repeat steps for each reason and for each provider

  4.  Modify or deactivate reasons from the Active reasons listmceclip7.png

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