Setup Envelope template


This feature allows the set up of envelope templates in D4Web.

Ensure the printer being used is configured for printing envelopes.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Letters page

  2. Highlight Envelopes

  3. Template toolbar > Create Template

    1. Specify the Template Name and Description

    2. Click OK

  4. When the letter template opens, delete the default information before you insert the new input fields

  5. Ensure the margins are set to fit an envelope

  6. Next, Click Add Field

    1. Select required fields from the list (hold Ctrl key to select more than 1) 

    2. Click OK

  7. Input fields are automatically inserted in a row, position the input fields on the envelope correctly
    1. Once you have inserted all the fields correctly in their positions, Select File > Save

    2. You can view the envelope template by selecting File > Print and adjust the position of the fields if desired. Save the template before exiting.

Click here further details on creating templates.

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