Set Up Automated Birthday Messages via Queries


The below instructions are on how to set up automated Birthday messages to patients using the Automated Queries feature. 

IMPORTANT: If the Practice is open seven days per week, the below instructions are all that is needed. If the Practice is closed ANY day of the week, complete the below and e-mail to finalise set up. 

The Automation feature must be activated to complete the below steps. 

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > Automation page Queries tab

  2. Select General (Automation) under Birthdays (Automation)

  3. Set / Type sub-tab

    1. Set Name: Birthdays (Automation)

    2. Location: Select the Location 

    3. Exclude the following Patient Categories: Select the categories to exclude

    4. Exclude patients not seen in: Enter the months patients must have visited the practice within

    5. Exclude patients who have appointments: Enter days to exclude if patient is coming in for an appointment. It is not recommended to exclude upcoming appointments for Birthday messages. 

    6. Exclude those with BAD DEBT: Tick to exclude bad debtors 

    7. Exclude if a family member: Tick to only send to Family Heads. It is not recommended for Birthday messages, as all patients within the criteria should receive them.

    8. Duty of Care: Tick if this message must be sent, even to patients who previously unsubscribed to the message

  4. Reminders sub-tab

    1. Send Communication to family head: Tick to send the Birthday message to the Family Head, for the Family Member

    2. Order the templates: Place a number against the communication method(s) the Birthday message will be sent. E-mail is more commonly used for Birthday messages. If more than one method is set up, D4Web will send in the order selected. If a patient has both methods set as their preferred contact method, they will receive via the first method only. The example below is for e-mail only. Patients must have an e-mail address entered and e-mail selected as a preferred contact method.  

    3. Setup Templates: Against the method(s) this message will be sent via, click on the Add or Edit icon to design the template

  5. Schedule sub-tab

    1. Set the Frequency: Select Daily

    2. Set the Timing: Set the Start Date and the Run Time to send the messages

    3. Patients who have Birthdays: Select Simple, Today

    4. Check Upcoming Run Dates: Click to check the settings

    5. Notifications: Leave un-ticked as this applies to Appointment-related messages only

    6. Enable: Tick to enable the automated batch, which will begin on the set date and time and continue from then


If the Practice is open seven days per week, the above Schedule of Daily is OK and set up is complete.

If the Practice is closed ANY day of the week, e-mail to finalise set up. 


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