Setup Official eAppointment Status Types


When eAppointments and D4Web sync, new appointments will be added to the D4Web Appointment Book automatically.

  1. Following the instructions in Add/Edit New Appointment Status article to setup the statuses to identify the following. (Note, some may already exist)

    1. Online Appointment - When a booking was made from eAppointments

    2. Recalls Appointment - When a booking is a response to a recall reminder

    3. SMS Confirmation - When a patient was sent SMS confirming their online appointment was booked

    4. New Patient - When a new patient creates an online appointment

    5. Unmatched Patient - When there are potential matches in D4W/PSS for a patient from eAppointments

  2.  Click the hamburger menu > Appointment Book > Setup eAppointments

    1. Statuses: Select the official status of each

    2. Click FORCE SYNC
    3. Click EXIT
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