Setup a Supernumerary Tooth for 3D Charting


Additional teeth cannot be added to the 2D and/or 3D charts (at present), and therefore the below instructions cover how to add new item codes to be accepted in the Treatment Plan and Treatment tabs.

This article splits supernumerary teeth into three sections:

  1. Those positioned around the wisdom teeth - commonly named 9, 10, 19, 110, 29 etc.

  2. Those positioned behind the premolar area - commonly named psuper

  3. Those positioned behind the front teeth - commonly named mdens

Add New Tooth IDs

The Tooth field found in multiple areas of D4Web only accepts specific characters to avoid mistakes. It is advised to add the new Tooth ID's and use them when working in a patients' file for supernumeraries. 

The tooth numbers may not be chartable, but will show on invoices.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > General page

  2. Group: Treatment

  3. Add new codes to List of Codes (delimited by spaces) acceptable in TOOTH field (besides teeth code)
    Note: Do not remove the existing codes from this field


Create Supernumerary Item

In order to chart a supernumerary as an image in Charting, an item number must first be created to represent the chartable item.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Location Setup > Items page

  2. Open the Miscellaneous Category and Sub-Category

    1. Click Procedure

    2. Item Code: SUPER

    3. Description: Supernumerary

    4. Click OK

  3. Category of Work: <none>

  4. Applied Area: Tooth

  5. Charting sub-tab (coming soon: not available in release 1 of D4Web)

  6. 3D Charting sub-tab

    1. Processing Type: Common

    2. Image Position: Root

    3. Priority: Normal

    4. Planned

      1. Cell Colour: <none>

      2. Content: Symbol

      3. Symbol: <none>

      4. Text Colour: <none>

    5. Done

      1. Cell Colour: <none>

      2. Content: Symbol

      3. Symbol: <none>

      4. Text Colour: <none>

    6. Hint: Supernumerary

    7. Always show hint: Tick

Create Charting Operation

All chartable items must have an operation set to allow its use in the Charting tabs. 

  1. Click the navigation menu > Location Setup > Operations page

  2. Open Other

  3. Click Add Group

    1. Group: Supernumerary

    2. Selection Style: Popup Menu

  4. Operation

    1. Name: Supernumerary

    2. Code: S

    3. Type: Single Item (from list)

    4. Click OK

  5. List of Items

    1. Click Add New

    2. Select the supernumerary item

    3. Click OK

    4. Application: To each selected tooth separately


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