Inventory & Stock Control: Set Initial Current Stock Numbers


For stock quantities to be correct when you commence using Inventory & Stock Control, ensure the amounts are entered quickly after a stocktake is completed.

  1. Log into D4Web using the username and password of the staff member responsible for Inventory

  2. Click the navigation menu > Management > Stock Control page

  3. Operations menu > New Record

  4. In the 'New Stock Control Transaction' window, select:

    1. Transaction Type: Select Input Inventory Items
    2. Notes: Enter a note that this is the initial input of stock into the system (optional)

    3. Click OK

  5. Remove the tick from Show only non-zero balances

    1. Highlight the Inventory Items required to have current stock entered into
      Hold down the Ctrl key to multi select or highlight top row then Shift key then last row to select all
    2. Click the right arrow icon , the selected Inventory Items will appear on the right 

    3. Enter the quantity of each item in the QTY column 

    4. Click ACCEPT when all numbers are entered

      To Input in smaller batches, create a new Input transaction per Inventory Type

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