Set Patient Preferred Contact Method for Queries / Marketing


Patients can stipulate - usually on a New Patient Form or verbally thereafter - the methods they wish to be contacted via. Set their preferences in their file. 

Queries are generally used to generate a batch of patients who meet certain criteria. For example, all patients that had whitening in the past 24 months; all patients who has a Birthday today; all active patients to send an eNewsletter to. 

  1. Click the navigation menu > Patients > Patients page > Address sub-tab
  2. Send Queries To:

    1. Family / Guardian / Third Party

    2. Select the patient / other Family member / Guardian or Third Party from list

    3. Click the Options button and tick the methods the patient agrees to be contacted via 

    4. If a patient does not want to be contacted for marketing / non-appointment or account reasons, select The Patient has requested no further communication 
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