Set Item Number Triggers (non-recall related)


A trigger is a feature that allows you to always have an item code automatically enter into treatment when another is entered. For example, each time you enter the item code 114 you want 121 to be entered automatically.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Location Setup > Items page

  2. Highlight the item you want to be automatically entered (e.g:121)

  3. Open the Triggers Tab

    1. Tick Use Triggers box

    2. Remove tick from All Items box

    3. Specific Provider : This means that when a trigger is used, the highlighted item code (above case would be the 121) will automatically be assigned to the selected provider in this drop list.

    4.  Frequency : ‘Once a day’. This means that for each patient, the trigger will only work one time per day.

    5. Trigger Items: Here is where you will enter the item/s that will trigger the item code to be automatically entered to treatment (e.g: 111, 114, 115)

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