Set eForm Synchronisation Settings


eForms must synchronise with the D4W/PSS database to retrieve new forms submitted by a patient. 

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > eServices page

  2. eForms sub-tab

  3. Synchronisation Settings:

    1. Sync eForms every: Enter the time (in minutes) to automatically sync eForms and D4Web

    2. Sync data for D4W every: Enter the time (in minutes) to automatically sync data from D4Web with eForms, e.g. New Medical Condition

    3. Click RESTORE PREVIOUS SETTINGS: To revert back to previous settings
    4. Click SETUP PRACTICE: To link website
  4. New forms: A number will show only when a new form has been retrieved 

    1. ENABLE SYNC: Select to enable the automated sync

    2. DISABLE SYNC: Select to disable the automated sync

    3. GET NEW EFORMS: Select to manually retrieve eForms

    4. FORCE ALL: Select to manually retrieve eForms and push new D4W/PSS data to eForms

    5. VIEW SYNC HISTORY: Select to view the history of syncs

    6. CLEAR SYNC HISTORY: Select to clear the history of syncs

    7. VIEW EFORMS: A listing of Completed eForms will show

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