Setup & Schedule the Automated Running of Reports


Schedule Reports is a feature that allows for reports to be automatically generated and saved/printed/e-mailed to a selected location/printer/recipient. The same report can be setup multiple times with different parameters to be run at different intervals to meet your requirements. For example, Total Payments can be setup to run at the end of every day, week and month per Provider.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > Reports page

  2. Operations toolbar > Schedule Reports

    1. Click ADD NEW REPORT

      1. Select the report to schedule

      2. Click NEXT>>

    2. Set the Schedule report parameters which will differ depending on the report selected, however the date will always be either relative or static
      Dates related to a period, e.g. Today / Yesterday / Week to Date / Month to Date / Quarter to Date / Year to Date / Last Week / Last Month / Last Quarter / Last Year / Last Financial Year / This Financial Year

    3. Set how you would like to receive the report:
      If selecting E-mail, ensure email is setup and working correctly in D4Web before proceeding. Contact support if help is required

      1. Save Report To: Select the format the report should be generated as
      2. Send Report To: Select where the report should be sent/saved, options are dependent on the format of the report as selected above
      3. Enter recipients: Enter email addresses to send to
      4. Save as: Select radio button to save as Existing Report Name (i.e. Total Receipts) or Custom report Name (Type in the custom name in field)
      5. Tick the Do not save report if it has no data box if you wish to skip the report when no data exists 
      6. Click NEXT>>
    4. Set the schedule for running the report
      1. One Time: The report will run on the date and time specified
      2. Daily: The report will run daily as of the date and time specified
      3. Weekly: The report will run every # weeks on the select day and time
      4. Monthly: The report will run on the months and days selected
      5. Click FINISH>>

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