D4W Marketing from D4Web: Send New Patient Welcome Pack


A Welcome Pack can be automatically posted to patients either with an upcoming appointment or after their first visit. The below instructions will send a Welcome Pack to New Patients who Attended an appointment last week (Mon - Sun). Automation can be set to daily if preferred. 

Patients will only receive communication based on their Send To preferences. If sending via e-mail and they do not have e-mail selected, they will not receive it. 

The following is only possible if DMMI Automatic is configured in D4Web. This setting does impact the way Recalls are sent; they will be set to semi-automated if changed. 

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > Automation page

  2. Appointments tab

  3. Select Welcome Packs
  4. Set / Type sub-tab

    1. Location: Select the location / all locations the packs will be sent for
    2. Books: Select the books the packs should send for, recommend all Providers
    3. Include when: From the drop down list:
      1. Tick box:  New Patient and Attended Appointment Statuses
      2. Radio button: All selected Status are present

    4. Update the Appointment with: Tick the checkbox then select the Appointment Status that represents a pack has been sent – this is optional

    5. DMMi Batch: Tick to enable D4W Marketing features

    6. Select radio button : Don't send to patient if...  or Always send to Patient

  5. Reminders sub-tab

    1. Letters Template: Select 1 from the drop list, then select the relevant Welcome Pack template      Leave all other methods blank as the welcome packs are only posted at present

  6. Schedule sub-tab

    1. Set the frequency: Weekly

      1. Tick the day of the week to run the batch, e.g. Monday

    2. Set the timing: Set the Start Date and Run Time

    3. Include patients who: have appointments

      1. Simple: Last Week

      2. To check settings, click the CHECK UPCOMING RUN DATES button

    4. Notifications:

      1. Tick box to exclude sending notifications for this batch 

    5. Control the schedule: Tick box to Enable the schedule

    6. Click APPLY CHANGES to saves changes made

    7. Click RESET CHANGES to undo changes made

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