Send batch Appointment Reminders and/or Notifications


There are two methods to send appointment reminders via SMS and E-mail.

  1. Batch Message: Use this method to send to multiple patients for a date range. 

  2. Single Message: Use this method to send to only one patient. 


Batch Message

  1. Click the navigation menu > Appointments > Send Appointment Messages

    1. Date Range: Select the date of appointments to send reminder

    2. Method: Select from SMS and E-mail; they must be completed separately

    3. Message Type: Select from

      1. Appointment Reminder: Used to seek confirmation of the appointment

      2. Appointment Notification: Generally used for non-confirmation messages

    4. Show types for Location: Select the location or Any Location (if applicable)

    5. Appointment Books: Select the books to send the message to

    6. Click OKmceclip0.png

    7. Individual messages can be edited before sending:
      1. Click the Edit button found in the Edit column 

      2. Make changes

      3. Click OKmceclip1.png

      4. Click SELECT READY

      5. Click SENDmceclip2.png



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