Reports: eService D4W Connected Report


The eService D4Web Connected report provides details of the eAppointments that have been created.

Run the Report

  1. Go to eService Portal > Menu > Analytical Dashboards > D4W Connected

  2. eService D4W Connected report

    1. Created: Select the period when the Appointment was created to base this report on

    2. Appointment Date: Select the period the appointment is booked for to base this report on 

    3. Appointment Source: Select the origin of the booking to base this report on - this is beneficial for Patient Discovery users to determine which participating partner's website was used

    4. Status: Select the status to base this report on - the status refers to New Patient, Existing Patient, Pending and Undefined

    5. Click Retrieve

    6. Select .pdf or .csv: The report will be saved in this formatmceclip0.png


Report Details



The practice name

Book Name

The name of the dentist's appointment book

Appointment Date/time

The date and time of the appointment

Patient Name & DOB

The name of the patient and their date of birth

Patient Contact Details

The patient's phone and email address

Appointment Source

Where the booking originated. This is beneficial for Patient Discovery users to determine which partner's website they’ve come from. 


The status of the patient e.g New Patient
New Patient: New Patient to the practice
Existing Patient: Patient exists on the database
Pending: The appointment time has not been confirmed due to a conflict which the practice should address
Undefined: There is a patient conflict, and it has not been addressed at the practice

Created Date/Time

The date and time the appointment was created


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