Recording Staff Attendance - Clock On / Clock Off


The Staff Clock On / Clock Off feature allows staff to record their attendance times with the ability to clock on and off multiple times per day. 

  • The  clock  on  and  off  feature  uses  the  date  and  time  on  the  server  computer.  Please  ensure  this  is  correct  prior  to  using  this  feature.

  • A report can be run to see total working hours for staff.

 A  user  can  clock  off  at  the  start of  their  lunch  break,  and  back  on  after  their  lunch  break.

  1. From anywhere in D4Web, click the hamburger menu  > Staff Clock On or Staff Clock Off


    1. Enter Username and Password

    2. Click OK

 The Staff Attendance Times report will show totals per staff member

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