Send Automated After Treatment Care Instructions


A post care instruction reminder can be sent to patients with a particular appointment status from the previous day.

The example used in these instructions is for a practice that is open Monday – Saturday.

  1. Click the navigation menu > Management > Automation page > Appointments tab

  2. Select the type Post Care Reminder

  3. Set / Type sub-tab

    1. Location: Select the location / all locations this reminder is for

    2. Books: Select the books this reminder should send for, recommend all Providers

    3. Include when: Select the appointment status(es) you want to send the reminder to

    4. Exclude when: Recommend selecting FTA so those patients aren’t included

    5. Update the Appointment with: Tick the checkbox then select the appointment status that represents a post care reminder has been sent – this is optional

  4. Reminders sub-tab

    1. Order the communication methods
      These reminders are commonly sent via SMS due to their importance; e-mail is easily overlooked by patients.
      The image below shows an example of sending via SMS, e-mail and producing a phone list.
      If the patient has their appointment reminder preference set as both SMS and e-mail, whichever is numbered 1 in the Reminders will be sent to the patient. The phone call option will generate a list of patients to be contacted
    2. Setup the template using the edit icon
  5. Schedule sub-tab

    The following instructions are based on sending the reminder the day after attending the practice

    1. Set the frequency of the reminder:
      1. Weekly - Place a tick in Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
        (Note: In this example, we have not included Monday here as the surgery is not open on Sunday)
    2. Set the timing:
      1. start date and Next run Date and Run time
    3. Include patients who have appointments
      1. Simple: Yesterday
    4. To check settings, click CHECK UPCOMING RUN DATES
    5. Notifications:
      1. To stop the notification, tick box: Exclude sending notifications for this batch
    6. Control the Schedule:
      1. Enable the schedule by placing a tick in the checkbox
    7. Click APPLY CHANGES
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